Le Chateau. Le Parc. La Rotonde. Les Crayères

Les Crayères Les Crayères a 2 Michelin stars restaurant, located outskirts of Reims, built in the beginning of 20th century situated next to Pommery Champagne House.  Chef Philippe Mille is the chef-in-charge for this restaurant and he became un des Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2011. untitled-3 Back view of Chateaux untitled-2Entrance untitled-4 Kitchen staffs taking break before lunch service untitled-6 Awards. This is the first time that I am in the region of Reims, where champagne is produced.  We brought a group of foodies to dine in is this Michelin star restaurant and was welcomed by few young and enthusiastic server who offer us to keep our jackets. After all the arrangement, an attentive waiter leads us to a private room with 3 big round tables. As this is a group reservation, the menu is pre-selected. The price of the menu is not included water and coffee/tea or wine. Our table overseeing the garden of the chateaux which will be dining area during summer time. The room are decorated with an extravagant interior (wainscoting, stucco, tapestries). untitled-7 Table set up for lunch untitled-10 We begin our lunch with country style bread, rustic yet full of the aroma of wheat and rye, accompanied with silky salted butter. untitled-11 Jerusalem artichoke puree with brunoise vegetable caramelized Paysanne carrot. Puree come smooth with the brunoise vegetables to munch in, sweetness from the artichoke well balanced with a dash of sherry vinegar. Is a good dish to start a meal. untitled-13 Noix de Saint-Jacques caramélisées à la Plancha Risotto liéd’unemousseline de Courgesd’Eysines. Scallop nicely caramelized and well cooked. Pumpkin risotto was rightly seasoned with a touch of fine brunoise pumpkin, wilted spinach and milk foam. untitled-12 Œuf de la Ferme de Perthèspoudré de Crèpescuitmollet Champignons et Cuisses de Volaillecuisinés au Vinjaune. Poached organic egg dusted with cèp powdered and Chicken thigh cooked in  yellow wine At one glance, it looks like an egg resting on its nest. Once slice opened, egg yolk leaks and when having it together really brings out the aroma of the cèp. The Yellow wine dash a hint of acid to this dish that cleanses the egg yolk flavor. Mushrooms are well sautéed, brings out the individual taste of them. untitled-14 Dos de Maigre de Ligne au Champagne Truffe de la Marne et Legumes du Jardin de BenoîtDeloffre. Fillet of fish with truffle and garden vegetables Beside the fish fillet, the garden vegetables braised and side is Parsnip puree. Most of us feel that this dish had overpowered the truffle cream sauce. untitled-15Pièce de Bœufrôtie, jus de Cuisson aux Sucsd’échalots Millefeuille de pomme de Terre et purée d’herbes Roasted piece of beef, gravy with shallot, potato millefeuille with shallot herbs coulis. Meat was juicy and cooked to right doneness. Potato millefeuille was stuffed with truffle and crispy at the side, the beurrenoisette flavour was so intense that still in my mind. untitled-16 Soufflé chaud Piqué aux Bâtons de Citronelle Personnalisé Devant vous d’une Chartreuse verte VEP Hot soufflé with lemon grass and a shot of Chartreuse VEP This is like a Japanese style cheesecake texture very light. When the fresh lemon grass inserted into the soufflé, the whole soufflé  are full of its aroma then next is a shot of Chartreuse VEP pour from the side of the soufflé, it will give you another level of sensation. Caution for those who has low alcohol tolerance. untitled-17 Mirior au Chocolate, Copeaux de Noix de Coco Crème glacée au Grand Cru <<Caraïbes>> Chocolate cake with coconut cream, coconut crisps, and Valrhona Caraïbes ice cream This dessert is about the balance between the Grand Cru chocolate and coconut flavour untitled-19   Caramelized apple with layer of Nougatine crisp Coconut crème in truffle shell coated with roasted desiccated coconut Blood orange cream with chestnut untitled-18 untitled-20 Overall a good experience to dine in 2 Michelin star restaurant. Servers were very attentive, they never fail to continuously provide you bread and butter,there are food presentation and a brief description of the dishes that they served. The lunch took us about 2 hours, it is worth the journey to dine in this restaurant. I will go back there again to try out another restaurant call Le Jardin des Crayeres which located in the same premises.