International congress of culinary traditions at Bucharest, Romania

We were invited by the organizer to attend this event - about preserving culture, where we choose Peranakan Wedding as our research area.  30 minutes were given to present our research to chefs from other part of the of world. Managed to cook some sample Peranakan food for try out in 2 hours, photo session were taken and interviews were recorded by the media. Overall, it was a very good experience for us, to be able to exchange ideas, food culture and ingredient used in our country.  We brought some dodol, bakuah (dry minced meat), love letter biscuit as part of introduction.


Team mate Chef Soon Pau Voon presenting his research topic about  “Peranakan Wedding Ceremony-Melaka, Malaysia”




The interview session



Paitee (top hats) –  a thin crust pastry, tart shell make of  all purpose flour, rice flour, egg and water. The fillings consists of jicama, carrot, french bean, dry shrimps and cabbage.




Malaysia team group photo with the Romania sommelier who matches our food with their wine.




Pai Tee, Nasi Lemak, Pingat Pisang, glutinous rice ball with sesame filling, local delight (dodol, love latter)




“Love Letter” with Bakulsia (container made from bamboo or wood in red, gold and black colour. Serves as wedding gifts)



Pai Tee with Bakulsia




Vintage cooking tools



Honoured to receive a Certificate from the organizer together with Mr. Daniel Constantin Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Romania