Poached Red Mullet, Glazed Shallot, Confit Cherry Tomato and Creamy Mussel Sauce




This is for 8 person…

Ingredients Unit Quantity
Red Mullet nos 1.000
Court-bouillon lt 1.000
Glazed Shallot
Shallot nos 16.000
Butter kg 0.015
Sugar kg 0.005
Water kg 0.100
Confit Cherry Tomato
Cherry Tomato Red nos 10.000
Cherry Tomato Yellow nos 10.000
Rosemarry kg 0.010
Oil kg 0.300
Chat Potato kg 0.400
Creamy Mussel Sauce
Shallot kg 0.150
Celery kg 0.030
Leek kg 0.030
Fish Stock kg 0.500
White Wine kg 0.100
Cooking Cream kg 0.200
Mussel Meat kg 0.050
Butter kg 0.060
Chive kg 0.005
Fennel kg 0.050
Chervil kg 0.005
Dill kg 0.005

Fillet the fish, season and poach in court-bouillon. Keep warm.

Glazed Shallot
Shallot – à blanc. Put shallot, butter (15 gm), water (half from
the shallot), sugar into a pot, cover with paper and

Confit Cherry Tomato
Put all the ingredients into a pot and warm up to 80°C. Cook
until the tomato are soft.

Wash and slice the potato. Lay on baking sprinkle with salt,
and steam it.

Creamy Mussel Sauce
Sweat the shallot with celery and leek, add in white wine and
reduce until almost dry, then add some fish stock and reduce again
until half of the portion. Put in the mussel meat and cooking cream to
simmer. Season to taste. Before serve monte with butter and
add in chopped chive.