White Nougat



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Ingredients Unit Quantity
White Nougat
Water kg 0.150
Sugar kg 0.440
Glucose kg 0.090
Egg white kg 0.070
Sugar kg 0.020
Honey kg 0.350
Whole almond, kg 0.270
Whole pistachio kg 0.130
Candied fruits (apricot, prunes, etc) kg 0.150
Cocoa butter, melted kg 0.150
Dark chocolate, melted kg 0.200


1. Blanch the whole almond in boiling water and remove the skin.

2. Roast in oven with pistachio at 160°C, until the center of the

    nuts lightly brown evenly. Keep warm in oven.

3. Cook the sugar with water and glucose to 156°C.

4. Cook the honey to 120°C.

5. Whip the egg white with sugar, add in the cooked honey,

   and the cooked sugar, until similar to Italian meringue.

10. Using a gas torch, cook again during the mixing for few minutes.

11. Change the attachment to paddle, add in the warm nuts and

 candied fruits, slowly add in the melted cocoa butter and pour

 into ring mould. Place a silpat on top and press to even the

 the surface. Chill.

12.  Coat a thin layer of melted dark chocolate on both side of the

 surface of the nougat to prevent humidity. Chill then portion.